The Williams Family

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

9 Months today

I know this picture is pitiful, but I seriously could not get anything better. Ella is just so busy she won't stay still! She is wearing her new big girl pjs. She feels very grown-up...haha. So anyways, she is 9 months today. We celebrated by going to the park and the museum with Saddlar. Lots of fun!:-) We go to the doctor next week so we'll find out percentiles etc. then.

Here's a couple more pictures from yesterday that I got a chance to work on.


woodfin said...

Hey Suzanne
I know I haven't commented yet on all your posts, but I have read them. Ella is such a cute cute little girl. You do such a good job with the pictures and the blog. I need to get you to take the boys pictures this spring. I hope Ella is feeling better..we have all been sick here. nasty stuff. Hope mommyhood is going great. Glad to hear she's sleeping better. mine isnt...haha. Keeping posting the cute pictures.