The Williams Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anna is 8 Months!

Our sweet Anna is 8 months...4 more months until she is a year old...*tear*. I can't believe it! This has been a fun month. She's really developing her personality and making her presence known. For the most part she is content and happy to entertain herself and watch whats going on around her, but when she gets out! She gets that temper from her daddy I think. ;-) She and Ella still appear to be total opposites - Ella was (and is still) so busy, whereas Anna is more laid back and relaxed. They are a great compliment to each other and I think it will encourage a wonderful friendship as they grow up. Since Anna was born, Ella has not one single time been mean or aggressive or shown jealousy towards Anna. They just adore each other. Love those sweet girls. Anyways, I's some fun facts about Anna this month:

1. Moved into size 2-3 diapers
2. LOVES to blow raspberries...must get a picture of that soon!
3. Takes two naps - about 2 hours in the morning and about 2 hours in the afternoon
4. Is trying so hard to crawl - gets up on all fours and rocks
5. Likes to stand and hold on to things, but isn't pulling up yet
6. Is recovering from ear infection #2
7. No teeth yet!
8. Loves to eat - puffs and cheerios are a favorite and is just beginning to try more table foods

Some 6 month pictures of Anna

I have some pictures of Anna that I took back when she was about 6 months and never posted them...I actually have a lot more than this, but just haven't edited them yet. Poor 2nd child. Oh and Anna turned 8 month yesterday...happy 8 months Anna! I'll post her 8 month picture later...maybe today...maybe tomorrow. If I happen to take it. ;-)


What kid doesn't love Cheerios? Look at the cheeks on that little chipmunk...she might be a tiny thing, but I think she's storing up for winter! ;-)


Ella loves to "read"

Getting so close...but not quite there.

Anna thinks she's a big girl!

Too cute not to post...

...hopefully Ella won't kill me for posting this when she's older. How cute is that? We were at the Johnson's and Ella had on Grey's toolbelt. Little plumber's crack. ;-)

Thanks for the pic Courtnie!

Finger Paint

I knew we were getting new floors the following day, so Ella did some finger painting on her easel in the playroom. She is such a priss - doesn't like to get her fingers dirty! :-)

Thanks again for the paint Jimmy and Kelly! :-)

Photo Project

I actually finished the dining room photo project before I did our bedroom. But, we needed to paint in here, so I wanted to wait and share once that was completed. I had empty spaces on either side of my china cabinet that I decided to fill with gallery wrap portraits of the girls. I'll probably keep these up for awhile and then replace them with more formal portraits once they get a little bit older.

(p.s. - anyone with good design sense (unlike me) - I am so sick of that floral centerpiece, but I don't know what to replace it with. I would appreciate any suggestions!!)

This is a 16x20 wedding photo that hangs to the right of the table.
And a collage of pictures from both pregnancies and hospital stays with the girls.

I also have already changed the photo project I did in the kitchen...ha! And the wall color...and the trim color... ;-) For anyone who is a photography client of mine - I took these pictures intentionally to put in this spot and also processed them accordingly. If you have an area in your home that you know you would like to fill with pictures of your family, keep in mind the color scheme of your home when choosing your session clothing. Also, mention it to me, and even send me a picture of the area so we can be sure to create an image(s) that would look great there.

Sorry for the bad glare on Anna's picture.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Before and After

This past week was a little crazy at our house because we had new flooring put in the foyer, hallway, den, and playroom. The girls and I moved in with my parents for a couple of days because the area they were working on is the main living area in our house. We are super pleased with the results...bye bye old carpet! :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helping Haiti

I'm not a good writer, so I can't really express in words the way I feel about what happened in Haiti, but we knew we wanted to help. Ella helped us assemble some care packages last night and it was a good thing because she was talking even today about how we helped people and helped them feel better. A good lesson for her to learn even at this young age.

Outdoor Play

It was a gorgeous day in Montgomery today! We took advantage of the great weather and headed outside for some sidewalk chalk fun.

It is a JOB to get a good picture of Ella these days...she runs whenever she sees the camera. I have to fib to her and tell her I'm photographing something else just to get her to hang around. Lollipop bribes help too.

And this little cutie is one happy girl! I am loving her little dimples these days. :-)