The Williams Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anna is 8 Months!

Our sweet Anna is 8 months...4 more months until she is a year old...*tear*. I can't believe it! This has been a fun month. She's really developing her personality and making her presence known. For the most part she is content and happy to entertain herself and watch whats going on around her, but when she gets out! She gets that temper from her daddy I think. ;-) She and Ella still appear to be total opposites - Ella was (and is still) so busy, whereas Anna is more laid back and relaxed. They are a great compliment to each other and I think it will encourage a wonderful friendship as they grow up. Since Anna was born, Ella has not one single time been mean or aggressive or shown jealousy towards Anna. They just adore each other. Love those sweet girls. Anyways, I's some fun facts about Anna this month:

1. Moved into size 2-3 diapers
2. LOVES to blow raspberries...must get a picture of that soon!
3. Takes two naps - about 2 hours in the morning and about 2 hours in the afternoon
4. Is trying so hard to crawl - gets up on all fours and rocks
5. Likes to stand and hold on to things, but isn't pulling up yet
6. Is recovering from ear infection #2
7. No teeth yet!
8. Loves to eat - puffs and cheerios are a favorite and is just beginning to try more table foods