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Sunday, June 28, 2009


After the 5k on Saturday morning, Keith headed out to play some golf with friends and then to the Biscuits game that night because he was fortunate enough to have a ticket for the Owner's Suite. Lucky guy! So the girls and I went over to Nana and PopPop's to spend the day. We enjoyed lots of good pool time and then cleaned up and went to the chapel on base to see my dad play in the praise band for an ROTC service. Here's a few pictures from our day.
My dad totally in his element...he loves playing the guitar these days:
My mom has such a green thumb and keeps beautiful flowers at her house. Ella loves to look at them and point out all the different colors:
What a face! I'll take what I can get these days as long as she's looking at the camera! :-)

Tummy Time

We been doing regular tummy time with Anna. She loves it surprisingly enough. I couldn't believe it when I started trying it with her and she laid there so relaxed. Ella hated it...she screamed bloodly murder and then spit up everywhere (she had horrible acid reflux which Anna doesn't seem to have thank goodness). So anyways, we just got the playmat out of the attic and after I laid Anna down Ella squirmed in there to lay with her and tell her all about it. What a good big sister. :-)
It's hard to tell in the picture, but Anna's actually doing a pretty good job of lifting up her head already:

American Red Cross 5k

On Saturday morning, my parents both ran in a 5k that happened to go right by our house twice. So we got Ella up and headed out to the front yard to cheer them on as they passed. My mom placed 1st in her age group and my dad placed 2nd. Yay Mom and Dad!! They both probably would have had even better times, but of course they had to stop and give Ella a quick hug. :-)
Waiting for the race to begin Ella and Keith had their own little mini-5k. In this picture Ella is saying "I know you did not just challenge me to a race Daddy!"
PopPop came by first...coming in for a quick hug:
Followed closely by Nana:
Great job you guys! We're proud of you!

Finger Painting

I've been trying to have daily projects for Ella to do since it's so hot to play outside and it's difficult to make it over to the pool everyday with Anna. Last week we gave finger painting a try with the finger paints Uncle Jimmy, Ella's godfather, gave her for her birthday. She loved it! She was very hesitant at first and careful about getting her fingers dirty, but eventually got the hang of it and just dug right in. Quite messy, but lots of fun!! Next up; pictures of our rice krispy treat making adventure!

Time to clean up!

A few more Anna pictures...

Taking lots and lots of pictures these days, but not getting them edited quite as quickly as normal. :-) Here's some more recent pictures...

A rare unswaddled sleeping picture...

Anna is 1 month old!

So I just finished monthly pictures with Ella and now it's time to start them with Anna. I can't believe she is one month old already! Time is flying by way too quickly. She has been such a good and easy baby so far. Likes routine and is pretty consistent and predictable which I love. She still loves to be swaddled pretty much all the time and loves loves loves her paci. She's a very efficient nurser which is great because with Ella around, it leaves me little time to sit around! She getting to be quite the little chunk...9lbs. 3oz. already! Ella was 9lbs. 2oz. at this age. Hopefully I'll be able to continue nursing for 12 months like I did with Ella. Fingers crossed! Anna is pretty much conforming to the Babywise plan which I'm loosely trying with her. She starts her day at 6, eats, has awake time, naps, and then does it all over again. We have a rough night here and there, but she's pretty much waking up once at night to eat. She's sleeping every night in her crib, which I think it great because it took me a long time to get Ella to do that. And she had her first smile last Weds. Melted my heart! :-)

I've been trying to figure out whether I think our two girls look's their one month pictures for comparison. I think they look the same from the nose down, but Anna's eyes are definitely different and her head is shaped a little differently. What do you think? (Fortunately my photography has improved somewhat in the past two years! :-))

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent Pictures

Here's a couple new pictures of the girls that I've taken recently. Anna is just already growing like a weed...she'll be 1 month on Saturday. I can't believe it!
Sweet Sisters:
Anna's starting to enjoy looking at herself in the mirror:

Anna before church in the beautiful gown my mother-in-law smocked for her...didn't she do a wonderful job?
Relaxing on the blanket my cousin Amy made for her...thanks Amy, I told you it'd be great for pictures! :-)

Ella is really getting into playing dress-up these days...she loved wearing her princess gowns the other day and actually wanted me to take her picture!

Haha...too cute not to post...

Often when we go to my parents' house we take a walk around the neighborhood. Ella likes to "walk" Sara when we go and we joke that she looks like a little rat terrior mush dog:
Anna hanging out in sister's room while Ella and I played:

Ella is such a silly little monkey...she loves to pull this bathing suit out and put it on over her clothes, or on her head or where ever!

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day! We had a really great Father's Day weekend, getting to celebrate with Keith's dad on Saturday night and my dad Sunday afternoon. Keith is always a fantastic daddy to our girls, but especially lately he has been such a big help to me; taking Ella on Saturday morning outings, entertaining her while I cook or take care of Anna in the evenings, and helping me out with her in the mornings before work. Thank you so much Keith! Even though Father's Day is just one particular day out of the year, I celebrate Keith everyday for the wonderful husband he is to me and the daddy he is to our you Keith!
Anyways, enough mushy's some pictures from our weekend:

I tell you, family pictures are a lot harder these days!
Keith reminded me that even though I posted the following picture on Facebook, not everyone who reads our blog is on Facebook so I needed to post it here too. :-) Speaking of Facebook, if you're a member and you read our blog, add me as a friend!
And here's another "oldie but goodie" picture of Keith and Ella playing the guitar. Love it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Final picture for today

One more quick picture of Anna. Also, I wanted to mention that due to some recent stories in the news, I'll now be watermarking my images in a more obvious manner. It's not because I care if friends or family take and print my images, but because I don't want my images ending up somewhere that I don't approve of; like in an ad for something that I don't condone. So, in order to protect my family and friends that I might post images of, that's the way it's got to be these days. My posts from earlier today have images watermarked in the old way because I had already saved them that way and didn't want to have to re-do it. So new watermarks starting now. :-)

More pool pictures...

I think there will be a lot of pool pictures this summer...considering that's what we do pretty much every weekend. :-)
Nothing like pruney feet after a good long swim:
Ella can climb up the ladder all by herself now:
Riding her big fish:
My parent's next door neighbors have a trampoline that we tried out after swimming. Ella thought it was great! It was hilarious watching her in there...she was literally bouncing off the nets on the side.
Ella's a little blurred out in this next picture, but I still love it:
Warming up with PopPop by the fire. Yes...a fire in June in was chilly! ;-)