The Williams Family

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coming Home

I am so behind on blog posts it's ridiculous. I'm slowing working my way through my 1,000s of pictures (seriously) and will be posting more soon. Here's some images from the day we got to come home from the hospital.
Ready to go in her coming home outfit:
Feeling ridiculous in my wheelchair:
New carseat!
Proud Daddy:
Big Sis ready to greet Baby Anna as soon as she got home. Ella is a constant ball of energy but when she holds Anna she is so still and relaxed. It's so sweet!
Aaahhh...relaxing in her bassinet at last:


Nancy said...

what a beauty :)

The Stinson Family said...

You, Keith and God make beautiful kiddos. So glad she is doing better, and that Billy has left you alone! God is good, and sounds like he has performed the first of many miracles for Anna. I pray that he would continue to pour out His "favor" on her, as her name means "grace/favor". How awesome is God?

Aunt Sis said...

OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHILD!! You were blessed to get TWO Beautiful little girls! What miracles!!!
Thank you so much Suzie for giving us a "fix" of pictures today!!
love you bunches, Sis

Emily Dudley said...

Suzanne, she is beautiful! I knew she was so adorable at the hospital, but, gosh, she is a doll. I am so excited for y'all, and seeing these pictures makes me anxious for December!

Heather said...

Just adorable! Anna looks like a little baby doll.