The Williams Family

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day! We had a really great Father's Day weekend, getting to celebrate with Keith's dad on Saturday night and my dad Sunday afternoon. Keith is always a fantastic daddy to our girls, but especially lately he has been such a big help to me; taking Ella on Saturday morning outings, entertaining her while I cook or take care of Anna in the evenings, and helping me out with her in the mornings before work. Thank you so much Keith! Even though Father's Day is just one particular day out of the year, I celebrate Keith everyday for the wonderful husband he is to me and the daddy he is to our you Keith!
Anyways, enough mushy's some pictures from our weekend:

I tell you, family pictures are a lot harder these days!
Keith reminded me that even though I posted the following picture on Facebook, not everyone who reads our blog is on Facebook so I needed to post it here too. :-) Speaking of Facebook, if you're a member and you read our blog, add me as a friend!
And here's another "oldie but goodie" picture of Keith and Ella playing the guitar. Love it!


The Jones' said...

Love the guitar picture. I will try to find you on Facebook and add as a friend.