The Williams Family

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some random pictures...

Ella enjoying a nice frosty sippy cup of chocolate milk on a hot day:
I think this is her "if I look really pitiful will you take that camera and leave me alone?" look

Sister snuggle time on the couch:

My favorite girls :-)

Her "motorcycle"

We bought Ella a tricycle for her 2nd birthday with high hopes that she would love it and want to ride it all the time. Not so much! She's just now starting to enjoy riding on it and will let someone push her with the push handle. Keith's been taking her out every few days and she's really enjoying it. Oh and she calls it her "motorcycle"...not sure were she got that from.
Popping a wheely:
Hey Mom!!

Last Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy and fun day for us. We started off the day with a Sunday School pool party graciously hosted by the Roaches. I didn't get too many pictures but here's an action shot of everyone in the pool and a couple of Keith and Ella playing in the water. The water was a little chilly so I chose to observe from the side. ;-)

Anna hung out in her swing on the porch with her buddy Anderson. She didn't make a peep the whole time!

Then later that evening we went to Ace Bowling Alley to meet up with Phil and Sarah, Jerrod and Abby, and Keri to celebrate Phil's birthday. Since we don't bowl very often I forget how much fun it is! We had a great time even though I got a terrible score. Keith didn't do too shabby though.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ella and Anna at 2 months

I love comparing pictures of Ella and Anna at the same age to see if they're looking more alike as time goes by. Here they both are at 8 weeks. I think they are looking a little bit more alike, but definitely still have their differences. Regardless, I think they're both adorable, but I'm probably a little biased. :-)
And here's another one of Anna smiling...she's starting to interact so much more:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things I love about my girls right now...

Ella's eyelashes:
Anna's lips:
Trying to remember the details because they change oh so quickly...

2 Months

My baby is 2 months old already...where is the time going?!? I feel like this summer has totally flown by. Anyways, Anna is definitely losing that "newborn" look and isn't acting as much like a newborn anymore either. She's awake a little bit more during the day (about 1 hour each cycle) and is interacting a lot more. Lots of smiles and cooing...I love that! I don't have her official stats because we don't visit the doctor until next Tuesday, but she weighed 10lbs. 6oz. this morning...she's a shrimp compared to Ella who was 12 lbs at 2 months. I know I updated on Facebook, but thank God, her jaundice is ok. We went back for an appointment last Wednesday and her level was 7.5 which is a little high for 8 weeks. So Dr. Trumbull sent us to the lab at Baptist for a different kind of test to make sure her liver is function properly (that scared me to death of course). The results came back perfect and her jaundice # was only 5.6 there so apparently it's just taking her a long time to get it all out of her system. Just now over the weekend she's finally starting to lose that yellow tinge and her eyes are almost totally white. Hopefully all that is behind us now...thank you for your prayers!

A few fun facts about Anna at this age:
-She still loves to be swaddled for sleeping
-Her eyes are still blue - I can't believe it...I'm just waiting for them to change because I know it's coming soon
-She loves watching her sister and fusses if she moves out of her line of sight
-She's almost sleeping through the night...she goes from 10-5 or 5:30 most nights
-She wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothes
-She hardly ever cries...only when she's tired or hungry...seriously. I can't believe that either!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our little friend

The other day Ella and I went outside to water the flowers and found a new little friend on the back patio. I ran inside to grab my camera to snap a few pictures and as soon as Ella saw what I was doing she ran inside to grab her camera. A girl after my own heart. :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frazer night at the Biscuits

We went to a Montgomery Biscuits game on Sunday evening with friends for the Frazer Night at the Biscuits. We weren't sure if we were going to make it because Ella came down with a cold (that Anna now has...darn!) on Friday. However, after loading her up with Tylenol we ended up heading down there because we had been telling her she was going to watch baseball all week and she would have been seriously disappointed. The weather was absolutely perfect (big shock for July in Alabama!) and we all had a great time. It must have totally worn Anna out because that's the night she slept through the night...maybe we should do it more often!
(Thanks for taking the last two pics Courtnie! :-))

Look at what Anna can do!

The other day I was trying to prop Anna up to get a couple of pictures of her with her head raised up. To my suprise, when I placed her on her stomach, she just popped her little head up by herself and held it just long enough for me to snap a picture. Strong little girl!
We have to go back to the ped. office tomorrow for another jaundice check because she's still has a touch of yellow in her eyes. Please pray with us for a low level so we won't have to worry about any type of treatment. I also am pleased to report that Anna slept through the night for the first time on Sunday. It was so nice! She was back to waking at 4:30 again last night so I know she'll be inconsistent for awhile, but I'm so happy to see progress. She's also doing great with her naps...going to sleep on her own in her crib when I put her in there awake. Yippee!

What we've been up too...

I've been taking fun pictures of Ella in the front yard (wearing princess dresses was a bribe to get her out there):

Anna's been testing out her bumbo chair:
And we've all been spending fun time at Nana's house:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Picture

Lori came over last Wednesday to snap a quick picture of our little family of four. I had all these great ideas of poses in my head, but a fussy newborn and a hyper and not-interested-in-pictures 2 year made them a little hard to achieve! :-) But we got a family picture that I love and that's all I really need anyways. Thanks Lori, you're the best for putting up with our craziness that day and always!!
On Saturday we went to the zoo with our great buddies the Johnsons (who incidentally have agreed to be Anna's godparents...yippee!). I could just absolutely eat Ella and Grey up when they play together...they are so stinkin' sweet! Lots of pictures to follow...I didn't realize I took so many!

Love this one! What good buddies! :-)

Our very own little monkeys...

Grey developed a blister on his foot so he hitched a ride on his dad's shoulders:

Checking out the lions:

Sweet baby Anderson:

I love this one...

and this one...

Anna was such a sweet girl and stayed cozied up and asleep most of the time despite the heat: