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Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone had a great day celebrating our freedom...we sure did! :-) We spent the day at my parents' pool with two other couples that go to Frazer and also work there; Phil and Sarah Bowdle (Phil is the webmaster and recently re-did Frazer's whole site...check it out: and Brian and Leslie Word (Brian is the youth minister). Both couples in fact are newlyweds so they probably got a big dose of birth control...haha just kidding. :-) Anyways, we had a great day swimming, eating good food, playing fun games, and then watching good fireworks. Ella really enjoyed the fireworks...I was worried because she is often scared of loud noises, but we think since she could see what was causing the noise it didn't bother her. She was a real trooper and stayed up way past her bedtime...we finally tucked her in at 11:30. She didn't seem that tired the next day, but her mommy and daddy sure were! Anna of course, mostly slept through all of the festivites. :-) Here's some pictures from our day:
Our patriotic girls with bows by Little Bear Bows. We got them matching outfits and bows and they looked so cute until Anna had a blow-out diaper and had to be changed. Darn! At least we got a picture! :-)
The Bowdles:
The Words:
Playing a bean bag toss game that I can't remember the name was fun though!
Fun with sparklers...
I wanted to try and capture something creative with the sparklers (this was supposed to be a heart) but I was lazy and didn't bring my tripod. Still looks kind of cool though I thought...
We also celebrated my mom's 53rd birthday with cake and ice cream (homemade ice cream actually, from the Words...yum!)...


KDUB said...

bean bag toss game = cornhole