The Williams Family

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy July 3rd!

We started our weekend celebrations a day early by having a pool get together with the Johnson family on Thursday morning. Ella and their son Grey are the bestest of friends and they play so well together. We just love their family! :-)

I love babies with big bows!:

Marc and Grey:

The babies relaxing on the screened in porch:

Ella and Grey on their first "car date" (please note how Ella is hanging out the side of the car. Grey kept hopping out to push her back in and shut the door, but then as soon as he got back in the car, she would pop out again. It was adorable!):

Fun with sparklers! Don't worry, there was lots of adult supervision:

Baby Anderson - his eyes are naturally that retouching. Aren't they amazing!?!

Later that afternoon the Heads and Dudleys came over for even more pool time and dinner. Emily and Scott are expecting their first baby in December...we're so excited for Ella and Anna to have a new playmate!!

Mr. Carl and Ms. Gail (my mom's dearest friend). Mr. Carl did the remodel on my parent's kitchen a few months ago and it looks wonderful!:

Our family minus 1 because I'm thinking Anna might still be a little young for the pool. ;-)