The Williams Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo Project

I actually finished the dining room photo project before I did our bedroom. But, we needed to paint in here, so I wanted to wait and share once that was completed. I had empty spaces on either side of my china cabinet that I decided to fill with gallery wrap portraits of the girls. I'll probably keep these up for awhile and then replace them with more formal portraits once they get a little bit older.

(p.s. - anyone with good design sense (unlike me) - I am so sick of that floral centerpiece, but I don't know what to replace it with. I would appreciate any suggestions!!)

This is a 16x20 wedding photo that hangs to the right of the table.
And a collage of pictures from both pregnancies and hospital stays with the girls.

I also have already changed the photo project I did in the kitchen...ha! And the wall color...and the trim color... ;-) For anyone who is a photography client of mine - I took these pictures intentionally to put in this spot and also processed them accordingly. If you have an area in your home that you know you would like to fill with pictures of your family, keep in mind the color scheme of your home when choosing your session clothing. Also, mention it to me, and even send me a picture of the area so we can be sure to create an image(s) that would look great there.

Sorry for the bad glare on Anna's picture.


Nancy said...

what is the paint color in your dining room?!
it's all gorgeous!