The Williams Family

Monday, September 15, 2008

Catching Up

Here's some pictures off of my Kodak that Keith or I have taken in the past couple of weeks:

When Ella "talks" on her phone now, she likes to prop it between her ear and shoulder and multi-task just like adorable:

The men in our Sunday School class had a playdate Saturday morning which went wonderfully! All the kids came home with their appropriate parent and no child was left behind. ;-) I sent Keith with the camera to document that special day. Ella left with a bow in her hair and she returned that way! Wow! That's better than I do most of the time!
On Sunday we ate lunch at the food court with the Sunday School class (well it was actually just the Johnsons, the Taylors, and us) and then let Ella ride on the carousel with Grey (her new buddy). She got to sit on a horse by herself (almost unasissted) and she felt very grown. So much so that she did not want to get off!