The Williams Family

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Pics

We have been super busy getting ready for Christmas (which is right around the corner...can't believe it) so I haven't had much time for pictures of Ella or blogging...I know you can't believe it about the picture part, but it's true! However, I have gotten a few and here are my faves.

Also, On Saturday night, Ella made a noise that sounded a whole lot like "Mama." She did it again on Sunday and then today when I put her down and she wanted to be picked right back up, she held her hands up and said "Maaaaama!" So I think it's fair to say that is her first word right? ;-) I know she doesn't know what she's saying, but she is making the sounds so that counts right?? Right?!?!? :-) Haha...Keith and I have a big bet going on what she's going to say first...mama or dada.


dkasten said...

Thanks for the new pic's.. she's a doll! I was having a bit of "withdrawal" , whew! love you all! Sis

The Stinson Family said...

Tell me where you get the cute headbands again...