The Williams Family

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pictures Galore

Ok, are you ready for picture overload??? This week has been busy so I've got a lot to post.:-)

To start, we had a Holiday dinner with Sonya, Jerri, and Saddlar. As always, Saddlar and Ella were little flirts...those crazy kids. Anyways, we had a lot of fun and Keith and Sonya even got to pick a little bit on Keith's new guitar. (Even though it's really a Christmas present, he got to bring it out for a little while) Jerri is so good with kids and has a way of making them crack up. Ella laughed at her that night like she has never laughed before. I don't know what her trick is! While opening presents that night, we realized that Ella falls in the stereotype of a baby at Christmas; she was way more interested in the wrapping and tissue paper than the presents!

Next, Ella is all over the place! She's crawling at lighting speed (ok, maybe not that fast, but she's definitely quick), pulling up, and cruising around holding on to things. She even took her first step on Tuesday...and then proceeded to face plant. But she's headed in the right direction! If I turn my back for one second, and I mean one, she's into something. This week I caught her trying to push buttons on the cable box and pulling the blinds down at the window. I tried to contain her in bean bag chair to watch a Baby Einstein but that lasted for about 5 mintues. Ah well, at least she's healthy and active! :-)

We went shopping today on Mulberry Street and found the cutest little Christmas outfit. Too bad there are so few days left for her to wear it! I tried it on her when we got home and she thought she was hot stuff in it!

And finally just some fun Christmas pics I've taken this week. I can't believe Christmas is on Tuesday! I hope everyone has their shopping done and is looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend...ha ha ;-)