The Williams Family

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

So we had our Easter Egg Hunt with our Sunday School class this morning. The weather wasn't wonderful but the rain held off until right in the middle of the hunt and then the skies opened...but thankfully the kids were able to get to most of the eggs before that happened. Ella did so well with walking to the eggs and picking them up. She got a little eager and tried to run (she forgot that she doesn't know how to do that yet) and did a nice face plant in the yard. But she recovered quickly. Here's a few pictures...(not many because man, is it hard to help a child hunt for eggs and take pictures with a ginormous camera!)
Getting ready to go:
Picking up my eggs:
What are these funny things?:
What am I supposed to do with them again?:
Oh that's right! Put them in my basket!:


mandy said...

you weren't joking that she wore her cas clothes. glad i'm not the only mommy who loves her baby girl out of the frillies...