The Williams Family

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Friend Emily

Little Miss Emily came to visit with us this morning while her mommy Carianne worked. She is such a cutie! She's got the sweetest, roundest little face...I just want to pinch her cheeks all the time! I was only able to snap a couple of shots and couldn't resist sharing.

Here's Miss Emily:

And here's Ella showing her the ropes on the know, which toys are the funnest and everything:

It was very interesting to watch Ella because it's the first time she's seen me with another baby. A little jealous I do believe! There was lots of me holding Emily and Ella wrapped around my legs pitching a conniption fit. Good thing I'm not having another one anytime soon! :-) We had a great time with Emily though. If you want to see how much she's changed since the last time we saw her, click here.


The Stinson Family said...

I must say both of those girls are cutie pies!!!!

Thanks so much for keeping her, it was truely a blessing!

The Stinson Family said...

I spelled truly wrong. I am a dufus!! :)