The Williams Family

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Pictures

Ella has a side job as a punk rocker...seriously this is her hair when she wakes styling was done to acheive this beautiful look:

We had a terrific time playing in the backyard today. Ella fished in her pool for fishies and then took them over to the window to sit and examine her catch:

Peaking around the corner to see if she's going to get in trouble for playing where she's not supposed to:

Stuck!!! Part 2! Some of you avid blog readers may remember when Ella got stuck under her Leap Frog table. This time it was behind her car. She found it a little funnier this time. Probably because Keith was home to laugh at her:

Popping a she's not using the bathroom!


The Stinson Family said...

The second picture looks even more like a little girl Keith than any other picture I have seen!! Missed you last night. I hope that Keiths first day at the new job was a good one!