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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been a crazy week since I lasted posted here. On Thursday we left for my cousin Patrick's wedding in Lubbock, Texas. It was Ella's first time on an airplane. Keith and I prepared ourselves for ear pain, crankiness, tiredness, etc. but fortunately Ella was a terrific traveler. Except...she came down with a stomach virus at our first layover. Fun! We had either dirty diapers or projectile vomiting at every stop! She had the virus pretty much the whole trip but you wouldn't have known it from her personality. She handled it so well. We were so glad that we made the trip despite all of was great to see Patrick get married and spend some time with family. Then, once we got home, I came down with the virus. I'm guessing that it hits adults harder than babies because I haven't handled it as well as Ella! :-) So, needless to say, I haven't been through all my Texas pictures yet (I have 7 GB worth of pictures...A LOT!) But here are just a couple until I can get them all done.

Waiting at the Montgomery airport to get on our first flight (of 6 total):

At the Dallas airport they had the coolest little kids play area. This picture was taken about 30 minutes before Ella upchucked everywhere:
When I was a little girl, I always got to jump on hotel beds...Ella really enjoyed doing that too!:
They had their rehearsal dinner at a really quaint local restaurant. Ella hung in there until 8:30 or so even after getting up at 5:15am:
Before the wedding we went on a little tour of Texas Tech where 3 of my cousins went to school:

There was a beautiful flower garden right outside the church where the wedding was held:
The happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Schneider:
During the dollar dance, we gave Ella a dollar to give to Patrick. Keith took her up to him and she handed him her dollar and proceeded to dance/snuggle with him. We couldn't believe it because at that point she wasn't letting anyone else hold her!


Mandy said...

Gorgeous photos as always! Love the one with daddy at the airport, on the bed, and in the garden. You have talent! I can't wait for our session although I keep thinking I'm not satisfied with my hair for it to be captured for posterity :-) I miss you! I hope you are getting better. If there is anything I can do you know I'm just a phone call away.

Nancy Hood said...

how sweet is that last pic?! I am so sorry that she was sick :( but I know you're proud she has such a strong constitution! Yay, Ella!! Can't wait to see more snapshots!!