The Williams Family

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

15 Months

So Ella is 15 months today. I think she recently had a growth spurt because she can now reach a million more things than she could a month ago. She's constantly grabbing things that I thought were out of her grasp. Time to move everything up a little bit higher! :-) Ella is learning new words daily and surprises me all the time with words that she knows that I didn't think she knew. She's not intentionally speaking more than a handful of words, but understands a huge vocabulary and is mimicking my sounds much more often. She is also imitating my actions more often which is adorable and hilarious. I really have to watch the things I do and say around her now! :-) We go to see Dr. Trumbull next week so I'll report back then with weight and length. We had so much fun taking her 15 month snapshot today. She was super smiley and apparently I was being just hilarious which made for some cute pictures. Afterwards we had a great time playing in her in BIG room (big because I moved her rocker out for the pictures). She had a blast twirling around and pulling clothes out of her hamper. Check back tomorrow to see images of that fun time.

One more quick picture...Ella loves Mr. Charlie...he's not so sure about her: