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Monday, August 11, 2008

Painting, painting, and more painting's true. Keith and I are re-painting the entire house. Well...not entire. The kitchen (because I loooove the paint job in there), our bedroom, and Ella's room will stay the same. The rest is changing to a neutral "khaki". We're doing this for a couple of reasons (well I should say I am...Keith is doing it for 1 reason; because I begged).

1. As much as I love the dark, rich colors, my house is just too small for all that and it makes it look too dark inside. We don't have a lot of natural light so anything I can do to brighten things up is great.
2. The colored walls are horrible for pictures (obviously very important!)
3. Incase we decide to sell sometime in the future, neutral colors are obviously much better for re-sale.

So anyways, I painted our bathroom today just to try out the paint color and make sure it's good (because most of you probably know that I had some serious paint mistakes the first time we painted the entire house...when figuring out how many rooms we'll be doing, Keith actually added 2 because he figured there would be that many re-paints because I wouldn't like the color). But, luckily it's great and I love it. What I learned today is that painting with a toddler is a lot harder than painting without a toddler, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Ella was really interested in what I was doing and wanted to be "involved." Her big contribution was putting her hands in the wet paint on the wall and then smearing them around (see picture). I will post pictures of before and afters later. The change in the bathroom wasn't huge so it isn't showing up well in pictures. Once we hit the den you'll be able to tell a huge difference.

So, thanks if you made it through that wordy post and are still reading. :-) I hope everyone had a great weekend!


McCrory Family said...

Our house is still on the market in Montgomery! The price has been drastically reduced AND it is really close to your parents.... SO, if you do decide to move, let us know!! :)

Nancy Hood said...

look forward to the pics! did you and Keith do the texture work in that pic?

Suzanne said...

Lyndsey - We would love to move to Fox Hollow and have had our eye on your house for awhile. Unfortunately the timing just isn't good for us now. In about 5 years if your house is still on the market (God forbid!) then we would snatch it up! :-)

Ms. Nancy - I did the texture work myself. It's really not a good job! I had to do it because we had horrible wallpaper in there and the walls weren't primed underneath so when we tried to take it off the drywall was coming up as well. It's really just a cover up. :-)