The Williams Family

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ella loves the big purple dinosaur

Ella is totally smitten with Barney. She LOVES him! Anytime we're around the TV now she says "baaaaaneeeeey!!" until somebody puts it on for her. I think Keith's a little disappointed that she's not more of a Sesame Street kind of girl. ;-) (She does like Sesame Street too, but Barney is definitely her favorite)

She also loves to sit in chairs so I found this little saucer chair at Target the other day for just a couple of bucks. She's quite content to sit in it, watch Barney, and brush her hair.


Lauren W said...

So, is that a denim skirt? And if so, where did you get that? Too cute!!!

Me said...

what a sweet little diva :)