The Williams Family

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, I was going to wait until we found out a little bit more before updating, but I know everyone is getting frustrated that I haven't revealed the big secret. Yes, you all were correct that I am pregnant. I am still really early...due in June. I had 2 rounds of bloodwork done last week that showed high hormone levels that were doubling very quickly (great news). However, on Saturday I started having some bleeding and ended up in the ER with a threatened miscarriage. I haven't miscarried yet but we're still in the wait and see period. I was hoping to get into my doctor yesterday but wasn't able to get an appointment until 2:30 this afternoon. In the ER, my hormone level was great and the ultrasound showed a sac in the correct place and actually measuring a little bit ahead. So, since I'm so early anyways, they couldn't really tell much. They did find a cyst that could be causing some of the bleeding. Hopefully today at my ultrasound we might be able to find out a little bit more and I'm assuming they'll do more bloodwork. The statistics say that 20-30% of women experience bleeding in the first trimester and 50% of them go on to have successful pregnancies so we're praying that I'll fall into that half.

So anyways, thank you all very much for your comments on the previous post. We would really appreciate any prayers during this time that everything will be ok with our little bean and that we would be able to handle it well if not. We know that God's timing is not our own and that his is perfect, so we're trusting in him that he knows the plans he has for us. I'll update again after we return from the doctor's office.


Heather said...

I've been there and I understand. Please know that I will be praying for you.

The Abele Family said...

That is very exciting! We will keep you in our prayers.

Emily Roach said...

hey sweet girl- we will pray for you and your little one. --Emily

Amy said...

hey sweet Suzanne. I just wanted to tell you, that with both of mine I had bleeding in the beginning (extremely low progesterone) as a matter of fact the e.r. told me that I had lost her. I had to wait an entire weekend to find out that was thankfully not the case. Anyway, I have been on both sides of this road, and I know that God's timing is perfect. I will be praying for you. love you!