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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Belly Pictures

I know I promised in a comment a while back that I would start weekly belly pictures last week and I just kept forgetting to take one. So we finally took one today and I have one from 6 weeks to compare. Not much to show yet! It took me until about 26 weeks to really "pop" last time. It will be interesting to see if I show earlier this time. We had a really wonderful, HUGE meal at Bonefish last night. I should have taken one after that...I looked about 6 months pregnant!

6 Weeks:

11 Weeks:

11 Weeks with Ella (already in maternity clothes and totally not needing them yet! I was so excited...bless my heart ;-))


Anonymous said...

You are HYSTERICAL! Thanks for the updates! Aren't we funny with our first pregnancies! Amy

Kaycee said...

Hi just found your blog! Your pics are adorable! It's so exciting at first huh? You just can't wait to be comfy and in different clothes :)