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Monday, November 3, 2008

Ultrasound #3

I know I have been horrible at posting lately. I have had horrible morning (all-day) sickness this time and am just trying to function most days. When I do make it to the computer, it's just to work on client's sessions so I don't get too ridiculously far behind. I know Ella's probably thinking "Mom, is this what we do now? Just lay around all day?" Poor child. But, this morning I'm feeling pretty good, so I figured I would take advantage!

Here's the latest ultrasound picture. Amazing how much the baby grows in 2 weeks! At this ultrasound I measured a few days ahead and at my first ultrasound I measured a few days behind so my doctor said we're going to average the two and stick with my original due date of June 5th. That means only 2.5 weeks left in my first trimester and hopefully the nausea and throwing up will start to fade away once I reach that point. My next appointment is the Wed. before Thanksgiving, but no ultrasound that time.

If you ask Ella if she wants a bubba or a sissy, she normally says sissy...even though she really has no idea what she's saying at all. I change my mind daily about what I think it is and Keith says he won't even consider the fact that it's not a boy. Haha...I know he would be just as smitten with another girl as he is with Ella. At this point we like the names Parker Reese (or Rhys, the traditional spelling but I know the poor child would constantly have this name spelled wrong) and Anna Elizabeth, but of course that's always subject to change.


Emily Roach said...

I like both names- especially Reese- that would work for a boy or girl. Drew would have been Anna if he'd been a girl.

Suzanne said...

Thanks! We originally liked Baylor Reese for a boy, but I know of a girl named Baylor and if there's any chance that my son's name could be mistaken for a girl, it would just drive me crazy! I absolutely LOVE the name Anna, but Keith isn't 100% on it yet.