The Williams Family

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday PopPop!

My dad turned 54 on Monday so last Saturday we headed to the bowling alley for a little birthday celebration. This is kind of becoming a tradition for us since we did it last year as well. Bless Keith's heart, he had a hard time bowling with that ankle and I managed to beat him in one game and tie him in another. I never get to beat him in anything and even with a sprained ankle I only tied him!! ;-)
Since Keith wasn't playing to win anyways, he let Ella bowl with him which made her feel like a very big girl! After rolling the ball down, she always came running back clapping...she was so proud.
High-5 Dad!
Even though bowling was fun, the driving game in the arcade was very cool!


The Stinson Family said...

THAT is a cute dress!