The Williams Family

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pump It Up!

Our playgroup went to Pump It Up (basically a big room with lots of bounceys) this week for our monthly playdate. When we first got there, Ella acted really apprehensive and cautious and I was a little afraid that she wouldn't want to get down and jump. But after about 10 minutes of watching her buddies do it and realizing that it probably was a lot of fun, she was ready to go. That girl had so much fun...she ran around there like a chicken with her head cut off. She tried out all the bounceys she even wanted to go down the big (and I mean BIG) slide by the end of our time there. The slide is cool, but hard to get up because you're basically climbing up a ladder made out of bouncey toy material so she had a hard time with it and 5-months-pregnant mommy ended up carrying her up and sliding down with her. But hey...whatever makes your kids happy! :-) Even with all the fun bounceys there, leave it to Ella to get interested in a toy that we have at home. Her and Tinsley really enjoyed taking turns pushing themselves around in a Little Tikes car. Afterwards we headed to Burger King for lunch and more playtime on the their playground. It was a great morning and Ella took a great nap that afternoon. She was worn out!