The Williams Family

Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Weeks

25 weeks last Friday. I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looked great except I FAILED my glucose screening test. So I will be going back on Wednesday for the 3 hour test to see if I do actually have gestational diabetes. I didn't fail it with Ella so my doctor was a little suprised, but he said I have an 80-90% chance of passing the 3 hour test. I was only slightly over the threshold of acceptable levels. From what I hear, a lot of woman fail the first one to go on and pass the 2nd one with no problems. So hopefully everything will go fine on Wednesday. If you think about it, I would really appreciate a prayer for that and also for Ella to be well enough to go to Mother's Morning Out on Weds., so I can go and take my test. She is still not feeling well so I'm taking her to the doctor today at 3 to check for an ear infection. Hopefully we can get her on the mend and back to her normal happy self. From now on I'll be going to the doctor every two weeks even though I'm not in the 3rd trimester yet. I remember doing that with Ella and I think it's because I'm technically a little high-risk with my heart shaped uterus and my doctor just wants to keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not showing any signs of pre-term labor. However, I carried Ella to 39 weeks with no issues and they said that if I didn't have problems with my first baby because of my uterus then I shouldn't with subsequent pregnancies. So hopefully Anna will stay in there until full-term just like she's supposed to.
Anna's now the size of an eggplant: