The Williams Family

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Week at Our House

We've had a pretty quiet week around here except Ella has gotten a nasty cold/cough. Tuesday night was pretty rough with a bad coughing spell that ended with some throwing up. Poor Ella! She normally acts pretty happy even when sick so when she starts acting like she doesn't feel good (like she's done today) then I know she really doesn't feel well. Hopefully things will clear up for her quickly and not lead to ear infections. Has anyone heard of giving your child honey for a cough? I looked it up on the internet and found quite a bit of information on how it works better than cough syrup and is approved for babies over the age of 1. It seemed to help during her nap this afternoon. Just curious if anyone else has tried it and had success.
Ella loves the webcam that Keith has on his laptop. She thinks it's so cool to watch herself on the screen. She says "Ella cheese!":
Relaxing in her chair on Wednesday when she wasn't feeling so great:


Heather said...

I have read several places that they are recommending honey now instead of children's cough meds. I bought some the other day to have on hand just in case Audrey needs it. Glad to hear it helped some.