The Williams Family

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brushing Teeth

Lately Keith has assumed the role of helping Ella brush her teeth before bed. The other night I had to snap a few pictures of them in there having fun. Ella loves to look at herself in the mirror while she brushes. And, I can't help but point out those ringlet curls she's developing. At least she got something from me...curly hair!
You don't want to leave anything laying around too long at our house...if you do, this is probably what you'll find:
Ella's favorite new trick is to do a somersalt or a "salt" as she calls them. Our little gymnast:


Lauren W said...

You don't have curly hair, do you? We need to see baby pictures.

Courtnie Johnson said...

i LOVE the one of Keith and Ella! That is PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!