The Williams Family

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March!

We have had crazy weather around here lately...warm spells, severe storms, and now today SNOW! Yesterday it was raining and 70 degrees and this morning we woke up to snow and 39 degree temps. Crazy! Anyways, I could not pass up the chance to let Ella get out and experience the snow so after breakfast we bundled up and headed outside. At that point it was snowing, but not much was accumulating and it was just pretty slushy and muddy. Ella did not care one bit. She loved it!
Tasting the snow...yum!
She took a couple of spills in the mud which got her gloves dirty...she didn't like that at all:

After we came back inside and got all cleaned off and warmed up, the snow really started to come down. Again, I just couldn't resist going outside so I went through Ella's closet and found another jacket, pants, gloves, etc. (since the ones used earlier were filthy and already in the washing machine) and we went out again. It was totally different was like a Blizzard! (at least for Montgomery, AL). It was snowing hard and the wind was really blowing so we only stayed outside for a minute, but I taught Ella how to make and throw a snowball which she thought was neato.


Keri A. Ward said...

i LOVE the pics Suzanne!! just precious. :)