The Williams Family

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ella's Valentine's

This is the first year Ella will be taking Valentine's to her friends at school. I had fun making up some cute ones for her to take. Next year I'll probably try to be a little more crafty and cut well thought out holes in the cards for the lollipop to go through, but this year I was lazy and content with taping it to the back. ;-)

And of course I couldn't leave little Anna out of the V-Day picture fun.


Lauren W said...

So beautiful, Suzanne. They are gorgeous and I love the pictures you take. I cannot tell you enough how fantastic they are.

DiAnna said...

Beautiful, Suzanne! What a GREAT idea!!!!

Nancy said...

I keep up with your beautiful family on Facebook, so I often forget to come here! I had to catch up :) great pics and precious girls!!