The Williams Family

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to be better...

...about blogging on a regular basis instead of letting it all pile up and then bombarding the blog with images. We'll see how I do! :-)

Anna-bear has been sick this week. She has a really yucky cold and seems to just feel miserable. I'm debating a doctor's visit. I hate to go too early and be sent home because there is nothing they can do for her only to go back a couple of days later because it's developed into an ear infection. But, I hate to wait too long in case it's already getting into her ears. Ahhh, decisions! I guess I'll wait and see how she's doing in the morning. Sick babies are so pitiful! Especially our little bear...she's a little dramatic. ;-)

She's cute with a bow though isn't she???

And one of big sis...

To prepare for Valentine's Day, we made some yummy Funfetti cupcakes. Ella was my big helper in the kitchen.
And my big helper eating them too!
Last but not least, I leave you with another V-Day picture of sweet Anna. She's our little Love-Bug.


Lauren W said...

Suzanne- you kill me. That last picture of Anna is to die for. You are so good about dressing hem in cute outfits and getting pictures. I am lucky if Will actually gets out of a sleeper most days. :-)