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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ella's 1st Day of Mother's Day Out

This is Ella's third and last year in Mother's Day Out at Frazer before she starts Pre-school next year. She has the same teachers this year (Ms. Stefanie and Ms. Tammy) that she had last year so she already knows and loves them. This year everything is more structured and scheduled (which Ella thrives on) and they have special theme weeks (like Teddy Bear Tea Party where they bring a teddy bear to class) which I think is really cool! Plus she's got some buddies in her class that she's already familiar with so I think all that put together will make it a great year! :-) She looked so cute in her outfit and backpack this morning that I had to take her outside and snap a few shots.

Oh and I wanted to add that Ella is doing fantastic with potty-training. We're just about done with it and I'm so proud of her! I have to say a big "thank you" to Lori Mercer for giving me the idea to use hand stamps as an incentive. That's what made it click for her! :-)


Keri A. Ward said...

umm can we say Dillard's catalog kid?! I LOVE IT!! Suzanne, she is just precious and absolutely beautiful!!!

Heather said...

Glad your potty training is going well. Wish you would send some of that success my way. Audrey will go to the bathroom when we make her go sit on the potty but will NOT tell us when she has to go. Any pointers?