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Monday, August 17, 2009

Paci Removal - Success!

Before leaving for the beach, we told Ella that when you go to the ocean, you have to leave your paci there for the sharks and fishies. We drilled that idea into her head, so she knew what was going to happen when we left. The second to last day I cut the tip of her paci off and told her that the shark bit it. She was a little sad but not too terribly distressed. Then on our last morning we headed out to the ocean and she threw (well actually PopPop threw...Ella was slightly resistant) her paci into the ocean and sad farewell. Don't worry, my dad went back in and retrieved it aftewards...we didn't want to liter. :-) We were worried that our first night back would be a tough one, but it has not been a problem. After a few minutes of protest, she slept the whole night through and we've pretty much moved on. Everyone sad it would be a lot easier than we sure was!
My big girl before heading down to the beach:
Look can see paci mid-air on the left:
One quick look back and then she's moving on... ;-)
Next up is potty it weird that the fact that Ella doesn't use a paci and is potty training makes me emotional? My girl is growing up! :-)


Lauren W said...

Yay, Ella! I am dreading paci removal day, but you have given me hope. And I am emotional when Bennett wakes up each day because that means she is another day older, so I think you are completely normal. :-) I'm the one that needs therapy.