The Williams Family

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Backyard Visitors

We have had quite a few up close and personal experience with fun animals this year...bird nest in the front door, toad outside the back door, and the other day we came home to this little cuddly buddy in the backyard. I bet he doesn't realize that we have two little doggies that would love to chase him around!
Then, we found these guys in the tree in our backyard. Keith and his dad were trimming branches and the nest fell out before they even realized it was in there. Keith used work gloves to put the birdies back in their nest, but one little guy was determined to keep hopping back out. They were all pretty well grown and I think about to leave the nest anyways. Ella sure has enjoyed all the wildlife. :-)
I'm trying to get all caught up on blog posts, so prepare for a whole slew of posts and pictures!


Verônica Corrêa said...

Olá, visitei seu blog. Gostei muito.
Grande abraço!