The Williams Family

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st Haircut!

We traveled to Atlanta last week with Lori for all four of our kids to model for a photography workshop (more on that later). Since I wanted Ella to be especially cute and well groomed for that, I new it was time for her 1st haircut. We went to see Ms. Robin at Inspire Salon (she's been cutting my mom's and my hair for years...I think since back in the 90's) and she got a little trim just to even everything up. Ella went with me to get a haircut a few weeks ago and ever since she has been asking to get one of her own. So she was especially excited that day and talked about it all morning until our appointment. And she did so well in the chair...sat very still (which we all know is rare for Ella) and watched herself in the mirror.

Very excited before beginning:

Getting all sprayed down:

The first cut:

And voila! All done!

Thanks Ms. Robin!