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Saturday, September 26, 2009


There's a photography workshop called The Learnfest that 4 incredible photographers (Audrey Wouldard, Laura Novak, Tamara Lackey, and Lena Hyde) put together. Their 3rd installment of it was located at Chateau Elan just outside of Atlanta. So a couple of weeks ago, one of the photographers "Audrey Woulard" (whose work I absolutely LOVE) posted on her blog that she still needed a couple of child models for the shooting portion of the workshop. Well, Lori and I jumped on that immediately and emailed her that we would be glad to drive 3+ hours and spend the night in a hotel with 4 kids aged 3 months, 1, 2, and 4! What were we thinking!?!? Haha. :-) It sure was a C-R-A-Z-Y trip, but definitely a once in a lifetime experience and something we just didn't want to miss out on. Did I mention that Audrey will be sending us a disc with all the images she captured? I am so ecstatic because I love her portraits and she's a little out of my price range. ;-) The kids did great during the photo was fun to watch them perform for about 15 photographers shooting them from all different angles! It will be awhile until we receive the images from Audrey, but I'll post some more pics captured as they come in from the photographers.

Katelyn and Ella getting silly in the hotel room:

They were ready for their photo op!

As if we weren't crazy enough, we decided to stop at Ikea on the way home. I've never been before and's cool! It's like an amusement park! And, they have very yummy chocolate bars. :-)

I think it's time to head home...


Lori Mercer said...

MUWAHAHAHA!!! So fun! I'm still delirious from the experience! ;)

BROOKE said...

Meant to post this earlier, but the picture of Ella being baptized and licking the water is soooo cute! I laughed so hard... you can just look at the picture and tell how hard she is trying to get some of that water :)