The Williams Family

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anna is 4 Months Old!

Anna is now 4 months old! Time - I demand you to stop!! It's funny with a 2nd child because she still seems like a newborn to me, but with Ella she seemed so old at 4 months. I guess when you have a toddler to compare them to, it makes a difference. Anna is just such a happy baby...she smiles and coos all the time. She's a great sleeper and is content most of the time. She does like to be held though and already has mommy suckered into lots of snuggle time in the evening (as though I mind). She's still swaddled when she sleeps and I'm scared to stop because she's sleeping 12 hours straight at night now. I guess I'll do it until college if she keeps sleeping well! Haha...kidding! :-) She visited Dr. Trumbull today for her checkup and shots and did great. This morning she weighed 13lb. 6oz. and was 24.5' long which puts her in the 50th percentile across the board (it says 13lb. on her picture because that's what she was when I weighed her at home on the 27th).


Kelli said...

Suzanne, she is precious! I have got to call you tomorrow to catch up! I am sorry I have been so horrible! I have been thinking of you a lot lately! I hope to talk to you tomorrow! Anna looks so much like Ella to me, but then she is completely her own look, too. She is SO DARN CUTE!