The Williams Family

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Having Fun

Sweet sisters...I must confess that we had our first sisterly altercation. And right after I posted that Ella had never been mean to Anna! Anna grabbed one of her toys and Ella promptly bopped her on the head. Sharing is such a hard thing to learn at 2!

We've had a few really nice days so we took advantage and headed to the park after naps

Ella is soooo particular with her things...her markers always have to be lined up just right. When they're like that I love to color coordinate them. I just don't know where she gets her ocd tendencies?!

Her hair is such a mess after she wakes up from a nap...bless her heart, I do know where she gets that from.


Lori Mercer said...

Love it! UGH! You have so many great pockets of light in your house! So jealous!! My next house is going to be all plexiglass! LOL! ;)

Lauren W said...

As always, gorgeous pictures!! And I love the one of Ella pushing Anna on the swing. That is adorable.