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Monday, April 7, 2008

100th Post!

I've reached a big milestone! My 100th post! haha...:-) Anyways, my Aunt Sis has been in town visiting from South Dakota this weekend. I'm so glad she was able to get down here and spend some time with Ella now that she's a happy baby...the last time she was here Ella was only 3 months and still a little colicky, plus not sleeping well. All that equals a grouchy baby. So needless to say, I'm sure she didn't make a great impression! However, Ella's redeemed herself because we've had a ton of fun together this time. Here a few pictures and more to come tomorrow.
Some silly pictures of Ella getting her 'jammies on:
Ella figured out how to push a button on one of her toys so that it sings a song...she thought it was hilarious:
Finally, a fun walk with Pop-pop:


Nancy Hood said...

as always, soooo sweet and cute!