The Williams Family

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools!

I tried to come up with a funny April Fool's joke all day and could not...I'm boring...ha! This afternoon Ella woke up from her nap with her signature crazy hair. I wanted a picture of it but that little booger wouldn't stay still for a minute! I saved all of my blurry, out of focus pictures though because I loved her happy! That's what a good nap will do for you. Here's the one good picture I got (and you can't really even see the hair) and all the crazy ones:

She still is loving her paci, but she's developed a habit of putting in it the side of her mouth so she can smile, babble, etc.

Here's one more pic...sans paci:

Finally, Charlie shared with me that it hurt his feelings that Abby made the blog with an individual picture and he didn''s the monster of the family. Keith and I feel certain Ella's first sentence will consist of "!" He's a little hyper...


Nancy Hood said...

the note about the paci was too cute, made me smile :) your Ella and Jen's Noah would be so cute together~he loves his paci, too. and where's she is so petite, he's our little chunky monkey!