The Williams Family

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Black Shutters

So we painted our shutters black today. Man, that was hard work! We only had to paint 8 shutters and our front door, but getting into those slats to make sure it was painted all the way was tough. It took us the majority of the day, but thankfully we were able to get it all done in one day. Ella helped us in the morning, but we quickly learned that trying to paint with a toddler = not getting much done, so after lunch Nana came and got Ella to spend the afternoon at her house. Here's some pictures of before and after. You can't tell much of a difference because the lighting is so different so I'm including a picture of our house during the snow because you can see the shutters better. They were hunter green before:

Keith painting and Ella helping:


Nancy Hood said...

I could tell a difference and I like the black! The door looks great! and thank you, God, for Nana's!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Great job, Suzie and Keith!

Kasey said...

Looks Great!