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Friday, April 4, 2008

Ella's 1st Baseball Game

Ella attended her first baseball game last night to cheer on the Montgomery Biscuits in their season opener...they had fireworks and everything! We went with a few other couples from our Sunday School class. We sat on the lawn which was nice for the kids because they could run around and play. It was on a pretty steep slope though, so poor little Ella had a time getting her balance. As a preclaimer; please don't hold the really bad quality of most of these images against me. It was really dark and really late after a long day! :-)

Leaving for the game...Ella in her cool pink baseball cap:

Checking everything out on the field:
Our view from the lawn (of course I get lens flare when I don't want to...oh well):

Aren't these sandals so cute? My grandmother got them for Ella for Easter...I had a pair just like them when I was 2. Check them out here:

Jennifer and Ella:
Josh and Davis:
Blue and Will:
When the game was finishing up and the kids had just exhausted their 5th wind...we kept them busy with some free balls they were throwing. Ella and Davis loved chasing after them. Ella liked to steal them from Davis and he was so sweet and sharing!


Nancy Hood said...

what a precious post! I know your friends love seeing your pictures of them!

Mandy said...

Sorry we missed this :-( Where are the birthday pictures?! See you tomorrow!