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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Friday and Saturday

Last night we had dinner with Keith's brother and sister-in-law. We all had a great time and Ella definitely enjoyed visiting with her aunt and uncle. Here are a couple of pictures:
This morning we went to Old Alabama Town park to help Davis and Emma Cate celebrate their 2nd birthday. Unfortunately I'm starting to lose it and forgot my stinkin' camera battery so I had to use the backup purse camera (yes...I always travel with 2 camera. haha!) so my pictures aren't as good as I would like. And, Ella was being little Miss 1 year old going on 16 and giving me a hard time so I didn't even get shots of the birthday boy and girl. But, it was a really good time and always fun to get together with friends and Ella's buddies.
Look how color co-ordinated Ella and Brooke are! Mandy and I have taught them well! :-):

Miss Jenn, the fun bubble lady:

Ella was so into Tyler today...she needed a few "be gentle" reminders though! Also...notice the paci in all these pics...and right after I told Dr. Trumbull that she "hardly ever uses it...just naps and nighttime" ...geez...

Miss Mandy is so much fun...I love to make her hold me even while she's holding Brookie too! (of course as a mom of 3, she's a pro):

Finally, we went to eat lunch with Nana and Mawmaw and tried to get a couple more 1 year old shots of Ella. I determined that 1 year is one of the absolute hardest ages to photograph children. At least my child. She WILL NOT STAY STILL!!! Anyways, I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I got from the other day so today was more just for fun.


Mandy said...

Cute pictures. I wasn't as scared as the straining neck makes it appear :-) but Brooke is as much heavier than Ella as she appears in our picture!