The Williams Family

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there! We had a really nice day. After church this morning we went to lunch with my parents and my grandmother and then spent the day being lazy and playing with Ella.
I have to say after a year of Motherhood, that being a mom has got to be the best job there is. I absolutely love filling my days with raising Ella; playing with her, teaching her, and just watching her grow. It's hard work sometimes, but always so worth it. Whenever that little girl comes running over to me and wants me to pick her up to just love on her, my hearts melts all over again. Wow...I just love being a mom!! And, like I think I said last year, being a mother really has given me a new appreciation for my own mom. I have totally taken for granted all the things that she has done for me over the years and all the love that she has given thank you Mom...I love you! Ok, enough mushy's some pictures from today.

And just to's Ella and me on Mother's Day last year. Wow we've changed!


Mandy said...

Love that you had a pic from last year to compare. That must be one of the wonderful things of being a photographer! (It almost looks like you're wearing the same shirt.)