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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ella's One Year Portraits and Elliot's 6 Months

So Ella, Nana, and I got up super early this morning to go and take Ella's 1 year pictures. On the way the sky was super overcast, threatening rain at any minute. When we got there, the ground was wet, Ella got filthy, and she was not very cooperative. So, needless to say, I thought that I had no good pictures and was really disappointed on the way home. However, after looking through the images, I think there are so good ones so I'm pleased! Here are some of my favorites. Sorry, there's a lot. I couldn't choose only a couple!

After I got Ella home and down for her nap under Keith's care, I headed to Wetumpka to take little Elliot's 6 month pictures. It's so much fun to watch him changing! And what a cutie he is! Here are a couple of sneak peeks until I can get his full gallery up. To see how much Elliot has changed in the past 3 months, click here. Thanks for letting me come to take pictures today...I had fun! :-)


Nancy Hood said...

I hope it's okay, but seeing Ella's pics tonight I just have to share your talent with my blogging friends!!

Suzanne said...

Of course that's okay and thank you...what a big compliment! :-)

The Stinson Family said...

Where were Ella's PIctures Taken? So beautiful. Love the dress