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Friday, December 19, 2008

Frazer Staff Christmas Party

Frazer held their annual staff Christmas party on Thursday night. We had so much fun! It was a Hawaiian theme and some people (my parents included) really got decked out in Hawaiian shirts and sandals. We stuck with "Holiday Casual." My mom also works at Frazer so that's why my parents were there too. We got to sit with good friends and really had a great time.
Jennifer (about 8 months pregnant with her 3rd) participated in the hula-hooping contest and won!! (I should add that she hula-hooped on her arm :-)) Emily, in the middle, is Keith's boss's wife and a good friend. We're all in Sunday School together also.
On the left is Ken, Keith's boss, and Josh, the father-to-be for the 3rd time, is on the right.


Anonymous said...

two of these chicks are pregnant- if you didn't know, I don't think you could tell.