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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our family had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas. I think having a child makes Christmas so magical again because you see things through their eyes. Even though Ella didn't really "get" Christmas this year and why we celebrate, she certainly got into the excitement (by starting our Christmas morning off at 5am!) and absolutely loved unwrapping presents and playing with her toys. She got a kitchen this year with lots of utensils and food and that has kept her busy since the minute she saw it. She loves it! Here are some pictures...I may have more to share later.

We went to Frazer on Christmas Eve for a candlelight and communion service. In past years it's been the Saturday or Sunday before Christmas, but I love that it was on Christmas Eve this year.

Christmas morning started early!!

Ella also got a new baby doll and baby gear. We asked her what her baby's name is and she said "Anna!"

Feeding the baby:

Another fun toy...Elmo live:

I got some new undergarments from Victoria's Secret which Ella promptly began pulling over her head...what a strange child. ;-)

My dad had my mom's engagement ring and some other diamonds put into a new setting for her big Christmas gift. Even though she designed the ring and pretty much knew what it would look like, Christmas morning was the first time she got to see the finished product and try it on. Pretty!

We started a new family tradition this year and everyone got new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve:

After much needed showers!


The Stinson Family said...

Emily got that same Kitchen from my mom for Christmas, how funny. She loves when the stove makes the boiling water, or frying sound!

Lauren W said...

You guys are the best family. I just adore every one of you,