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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ultrasound's still a GIRL!! :-)

We had another ultrasound today at my doctor's office to find out gender and do measurements. When it was time to say the gender, Miss Barbara, the ultrasound tech, said "Well you won't have to buy any new clothes!" Keith and I both misunderstood her and thought she said we would have to buy new clothes so we had a small moment of panic. But, she was quick to reassure us that there were 3 lines which she quickly pointed out to us so we breathed a sigh of relief. Could you imagine if we had a mix-up again like we did last time?? :-)

They said Anna measured perfectly (actually one day ahead) and that everything they check for is in exactly the right spot (brain, kidneys, heart, etc.). She weighs 8 oz. now. Miss Barbara also said that she is laying and pushing directly on my bladder which would explain the quite frequent trips to the ladies room that I do not remember having so early with Ella. Hopefully she'll move up and re-position soon! We are just so very thankful and excited about another healthy baby girl. I can't wait to start dressing them in matching outfits!!! :-) The great thing is that they'll be born right around the same time of year (May or June) so the seasons are perfect for handing down clothes. Keith is going to love all the money we'll save since I don't have to buy a thing...haha, yeah right! ;-) Thanks for all of your votes on the middle name...keep 'em coming! It looks like Claire is in the lead...I think I'm starting to lean toward that name too.

On another note, we have just about a month before Ella's big girl furniture arrives and we need to get rid of our guest room furniture. If you know of anyone who is interested in a full-size antique bed, wardrobe, and dresser from England dating to (I think) the early 1900s, please let them know that we have some for sale! :-)


The Stinson Family said...

Can you post a picture of the furniture?

McCrory Family said...

Yea for little girls!! :) By the way, I voted for Claire, but I am just a bit partial to the name... :)