The Williams Family

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A ride on the Santa Express

We met with our playgroup today at Eastdale Mall to eat lunch in the food court and then ride on the Santa train. We always have a good time together and cause a small stir because of all the kids, moms, and strollers! :-) Ella really liked the train...she probably would have taken another ride if offered. The moms got to ride with the little ones and got a laugh out of what we do now as moms that we would have never done before we had kids! We finished the day with a visit to some of the ride-on toys at the mall. Ella thought she was pretty big driving the hotdog bus.


Nancy said...

It's still difficult to believe that this darling has grown so quickly! Still a doll, though!!

McCrory Family said...

Claire also rode that train and LOVED it. She cried and was sooo sad when we had to leave. Also, she has the same cupcake outfit at Ella! I just voted... :)