The Williams Family

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent Pictures

Here's a couple new pictures of the girls that I've taken recently. Anna is just already growing like a weed...she'll be 1 month on Saturday. I can't believe it!
Sweet Sisters:
Anna's starting to enjoy looking at herself in the mirror:

Anna before church in the beautiful gown my mother-in-law smocked for her...didn't she do a wonderful job?
Relaxing on the blanket my cousin Amy made for her...thanks Amy, I told you it'd be great for pictures! :-)

Ella is really getting into playing dress-up these days...she loved wearing her princess gowns the other day and actually wanted me to take her picture!

Haha...too cute not to post...

Often when we go to my parents' house we take a walk around the neighborhood. Ella likes to "walk" Sara when we go and we joke that she looks like a little rat terrior mush dog:
Anna hanging out in sister's room while Ella and I played:

Ella is such a silly little monkey...she loves to pull this bathing suit out and put it on over her clothes, or on her head or where ever!


Courtnie Johnson said...

They are SO cute! Are Anna's eyes going to green like you???

Emily Dudley said...

Those two girls are precious. I love the picture of Ella with her bathing suit on her head. How funny!